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the perfect partner for  athletes

DETOX                 ANTIOXIDANT                 ENERGIZING                 HYDRATing                  REHAB



The natural functional elements present in Wise make it an ideal drink before the effort:

  • Boosting, thanks to the caffeine naturally contained in the kola nut.

  • Ginseng that allows to be energized in a progressive and linear way.

  • Ginger which in addition to its tonic effect prevents muscular pains.

  • The prickle pear, anti-inflammatory and natural sugar levels regulator, mainly mode of fibers, is also an ally of the digestive system.

  • B vitamins provide a reliable and consistent endurance.

  • The presence of choline ensures higher threshold of concentration and alertness. Electrolytes prevent the development of cramps due minerals loss. 


Its low sugar/calorie content makes it the most efficient functional beverage without added sweeteners.

only. 3.9gr/100ml 


After the workout

Its innovative composition gives the drink undeniable POST-WORKOUT qualities:

  • During workout, the body loses minerals in swet. The electrolytes present in Wise then play an important role in the reconstitution of the necessary reserves for muscular and nervous functions, particularly during rehydratation.

  • Ginger and prickly pear, natural anti-inflammatories, reduce the sensation of post-session muscles pain.

  • Linden sapwood, milk thistle and N-acetylcysteine stimulate the liver to eliminate toxins and increase the production of glutathione : a reference antioxidant against the oxidative stress created by intense effort.

  • Acerola, dosed pto contain100% RDA in vitamin C, and acai berries complete the antioxidant component of the formula. 

Wise will easily find its place in your gym bag!