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Composition of the  formula 

DETOX                 ANTIOXIDANT                 ENERGIZING                 HYDRATing                  REHAB



The vitamin B complex contributes to the proper functioning of the body. To increase your personal knowledge :

Carbohydrate metabolism, energy production and nervous system function.

  • Riboflavin (B2)

Energy production, metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and lipids, vision, skin care, activation of vitamins B6 and B9

  • Niacin (B3)

Synthesis of hormones, metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and lipds, production of red blood cells.

  • Pantothenic acid (B5)

Synthesis of hormones and neurotransmitters, nerve transmission, red blood cell production, cell division and energy production.

  • Nicotinamide (B6)

Synthesis of proteins, hormones and neurotransmitters, production of red blood cells and oxygen transport, immune system reinforcer, DNA synthesis, glycemia regulation, vtimain B3 synthesis.

  • Folic acid (B9)

Division of cells, DNA and RNA synthesis, protein metabolism, regulation of blood homocysteine levels (with B6 & B12), functioning of the nervous and immune system, healing of wounds.

  • Cyanocobalamin (B12)

Functioning of the nervous system, synthesis of DNA and RNA, production of red blood cells and oxygen transport, synthesis of S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe) with B6 and B9.

  • Ascorbic acid (C)

Ascorbic acid has health benefits because it acts just like natural vitamin C. This antioxidant is known for its action for the neutralization of free radicals responsible for cellular aging. It works also on the regeneration of vitamin E, the main antioxidant or our body, which helps fight premature aging of cells.

8 plant extracts

Unveil the vertues of the 8 plant extracts that compose  WISE  :

Electrolytes & amino acids

Electrolytes are essentially salts. By maintaining the balance between salts and liquids in your body, you avoid deterioration of your basic functions thus maximizing your performances. Not only electrolytes optimize performance but they also prevent muscle cramps and help rehydrate the body.

  • N-acetylcisteine

N-acetylcysteine is an incredible detox tool for the liver, it has been used for decades to treat liver diseases (hepatic insufficiency and hepatotoxicity), especially when it comes to paracetamol poisoning.

  • Bitartrate choline

In collaboration with vitamin B6, B12 & B9, it contributes to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases by regulating the level of homocysteine in the blood. It participates in the lipid metabolism and prevents fat storage, especially in unsightly areas.

 naturals  extracts

noix de kola

kola nut

natural energizer

The kola nut was traditionally used by African peoples for its stimulating virtues. The kola nuts were simply chewed to release caffeine.

When consumed by humans, caffeine stimulates the central nervous system and, at moderate doses, increases alertness and reduces drowsiness.

The kola nuts in Wise contain the amount of caffeine needed to energize you naturally. It can be compare to the equivalent amount of a cup of coffee.

baies d'açai

acai berries

antioxidant - tonicity

Acai berries come from Central and South America. Rich in natural antioxidants, they are one of the strongest ORAC dosed fruit. The ORAC index measures how natural antioxidants can neutralize free radicals.

Acai berries contain twice as much natural antioxidants as blueberries and nearly ten times more than grapes.

It was then obvious that berries had to be part of the Wise formula.



natural energizer - antioxidant

Ginseng has been used for millennia for its many medicinal virtues especially in Asia . It is given many benefits including energizing, anti-inflammatory and stimulating properties. It also reinforces the immune system.

Cherry on the cake, ginseng is also a stimulant for the nervous system. It would therefore improve the intellectual and physical abilities of stressed, tired or convalescent subjects.

It will be easy to understand how Wise will quickly become the best ally of students during exam sessions. 



natural source of vitamin c

Fruit of the tree of the same name, acerola comes from Latin America and is known for its high vitamin C content.

The acerola contained in the Wise formula has 100% of the daily recommanded contributions in vitamin C, whose antioxidant and energizing effect is no more to prove!

Indeed, vitamin C while protecting cells against oxidative stress also helps to reduce fatigue.



digestive - energizing - antioxidant

More than just a root - I am Groot - ginger has a very effective tonic and digestive effect. A true ally of the digestive system, it fights against abdominal cramps and benefits from antinausea virtues validated by many medical studies.

If ginger has long been considered a powerful aphrodisiac (which has not yet been scientifically proven) it is probably due to its stimulating effect on the blood circulation that provides a sweet feeling of body heat.

In Chinese medicine, ginger warms the adrenal glands which are at the heart of the energy processes by producing cortisol.

A little energy bomb !

aubier de tilleul

sapwood of lime tree

detox - choleretic - cholagogue

Used since the early twentieth century, the part of the lime tree which is the richest in active ingredients is the sapwood.

The sapwood of linden has since been recognized for its great properties. Very powerful, it acts at the same time on the three emunctories : liver, kidney and intestines.

Rich in mineral salts and trace elements, it provides the essentials elements for a strong detox effect without risking demineralization.

It stimulates the liver by supporting its ability to filter waste and toxins from the body. It also has choloretic action that optimizes the regular secretion of bile. The cholagogue action facilitates the evacuation of the bile to the intestine. It is an ideal nutriment for people with digestion issues especially due to an excessive consumption of food or alcohol.

figue de barbarie

prickly pear

detox - digestive - antioxidant

The prickly pear is the fruit of the cactus called Nopal (Opuntia ficus indica) and has detoxifying properties that allow it to remove excess water from the body. However, unlike conventional diuretics, this fruit does not induce the excessive elimination of minerals.

chardon marie

milk thistle

detox - antioxidant

Milk thistle has been used for centuries in the treatment of hepatic and biliary disorders. It contributes to the protection and the good functioning of the liver. The silymarin contained in milk thistle has the particularity to act as an antioxidant, it decreases and protect the liver from free radicals.